9 Best Sewing Table Brands In 2020

You just bought a sewing table, and your new furniture has damaged parts after assembling.  Then you are left with no table to balance your sewing machine. This happens when you buy a product from a non-reputable furniture brand without any manufacturer information. 

Well, look no further in choosing a reputable brand to get your sewing furniture because we have provided a guide for you. Let’s learn more about these brands.


Knowing well that there is a large number of sewing table brands, here is a list of the leading brands; 

1. Arrow Sewing Furniture

Arrow sewing furniture is a reputable brand in the manufacture of sewing tables. If you need a brand that offers quality options at pocket-friendly prices, you have one here. 

They are also a trusted producer of other sewing furniture like cabinets and chairs. The products of this brand are a perfect blend of creativity and color.  Sounds interesting, right? But that’s not all. 

Arrows offer functional craft tables and sewing machine cabinets. Their products are affordable and also provide a high value for money with their superior quality. 

Interestingly, you have different product options to select from using this brand. You will find small folding sewing tables of high portability. Large tables for large scale and heavy-duties are also available. 

2. Horn of America

Do you want a designer that makes products with you in mind? Consider exploring the goods of this brand. This brand manufactures all its furniture, with customer satisfaction being paramount.

Horn of America is another trusted maker of sewing tables and furniture. The brand is reputable for its high-quality products and affordable prices.  You don't have to go above a modest budget to acquire their products. 

Locations do not restrict the horn of America's product availability. They have dealers in various locations that make their products available. So, you can get their products anywhere, anytime.

Another impressive feature of this brand is its good customer support and services. Horn of America also offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products. But, this warranty covers residential use only. 

3. Schrocks of WALNUT CREEK

Do you need a brand with a rich history and reputation? Here you go! 

Schrocks of WALNUT CREEK is one of the oldest furniture-making brands. They produce various categories of furniture.

Schrock's of WALNUT CREEK is a family-owned business passed through several generations. Their product's quality isn’t limited to its appealing exterior. They are also durable and functional.

Their experience and longevity reflect on their product quality and diversity. The brand offers a range of furniture designs. These include craftsman, traditional, and modern designs.

They offer products in categories like cabinetry. They also provide a sewing cutting table and other sewing furniture options.  This brand is undoubtedly worth your exploration. 

4. Sew AdjusTable 

It is no news that Sew AdjusTable produces some of the best sewing tables you will find around.  You might not have a reason to look any further with their product options. 

This brand’s most notable trademark is its flexible designs. Most of their furniture has an adjustable design to match its user’s needs.

Besides, they offer products in various price categories. This variation means that there is a product for every user. Sew AdjusTable is reputable for high quality, style, and class. 

5. Sew Steady 

The best sewing tables are often compatible with various sewing machines. They are also suitable for many tasks. The mentioned features and more are the benefits of the Sew Steady product range. Sew Steady offers an extendable work area with their fabric cutting table.


Are you wondering why a lot of individuals love Sew Steady? Customers’ needs are a significant consideration for this brand. Besides, they give flexible and budget-friendly options. 

Most of the sewing tables from this brand are compatible with many sewing machine models. Also, the brand has tables with custom designs for specific sewing machines. 

All Sew Steady tables have rounded edges, a permanent ruler, and other unique features. Each table is a craft from various high-quality materials. Hence, they produce tables with unmatched standards. 

6. Tracey's Table

Consider Tracey's Table options when you need high-quality sewing table furniture.

They offer a solution to almost all your sewing furniture needs. The brand provides sewing furniture like cabinets, shelves, and carts. 

The custom designs of products from this brand make them suitable for various users. Tracey's Table has a signature melanin finish that can complement your sewing room décor. Some of their tables have drawers and cabinets that improve functionality. 

Tracey's table includes products with casters that enhance portability. You will never go wrong with any Tracey's fabric cutting table. They offer a blend of quality, functionality, and design.

7. She Sewing Tables

She Sewing Tables is another unique brand that offers options for sewing furniture. The products from this brand have the qualities to upgrade your skills. 

Besides, She Sewing Tables has fantastic customer support services. Location does not limit the sales of their products as they cut across borders. This brand offers the best sewing table options for different categories of users.  

Aside from quality, She Sewing Tables also add class and elegance to your sewing shop. She Sewing Tables are reputable for a classic finish. And even a high-quality buildup and impressive functionality. 

8. Yoder Woodworking 

Yoder Woodworking is another excellent option for a fabric cutting table. The brand is reputable for making custom designs. These designs match the individual needs of various users. They offer diverse product options. 

Yoder Woodworking builds tables and other sewing furniture to improve comfort and functionality. The brand’s products are reputable for high-quality materials. They also round them up with a superb finish. 

9. Classic Woods

Another valuable addition to the list is Classic Woods. This brand offers various sewing furniture, including a folding sewing table. And that is not all of this brand’s offerings.

Classic Woods has a product for every user because of its custom design and affordable cost. These products add value and class to your sewing shop. The colors and finish also make them consistent with your shop décor.


Choosing a great brand for your fabric cutting table is the first step in the right direction. Knowing what you should look for is another essential part. This section will provide you with tips to discover the product that best matches your needs. 

Some of the  factors you should look out for in the best sewing table include;

  •   Quality (Materials and finishing)
  •   Cost
  •   Adjustable features
  •   Size and portability
  •   Surface fit
  •   Construction
  •   Warranty and customer service

To Sum Up

Identifying the right brand is the first step towards getting the best sewing furniture. Picking random products from unproven brands might leave you frustrated. The list above helps you reduce the hassle of searching for the best brands to get your sewing table.

Do you wish to get great products from the best brands? Check out some of the best sewing tables and furniture options from one of the trusted brands mentioned in this article.