How To Buy An Adjustable Chair - What You Need To Consider

Selecting a random adjustable chair can result in frustration after purchasing. There is a likelihood you are unaware of the essential considerations. Besides, you might not be able to differentiate quality products among available options. To prevent this problem, you need to know the right factors to consider when buying this chair type. 

Some individuals might argue that getting a quality product is more of chance and luck. Sadly, this is only true when you don't know what you want. This article provides an insight into some buying considerations. These factors will aid you in the selection of the best available adjustable hydraulic chair. 


It is wrong to assume everyone knows the appearance of this chair. There is no issue if you don't. 

Here you go!

A hydraulic chair is different from other common types. Its major feature is its hydraulic pump, also called a hydraulic cylinder. Let's break it down. 

  • This pump helps the chair to make height adjustments. It works with ease with little effort. If you find a chair with soft lifts and an auto-return cylinder, then you are on target.  
  • This feature helps with rotation, height lifting, and other similar functions. This chair type includes caster wheels that aid movement and portability. Good enough, these rolls enhance smooth, noiseless movement. 
  • The orientation of the chair's design suits workspaces. It is a great option for offices and sewing shops. It swivels to enhance comfort even during long work hours. 


It is normal to wonder how a chair can have such great functionality. Remember, this chair type has valuable parts, particularly the hydraulic pump. This chair’s working technique centers on this feature. 

The pump’s location is under the chair’s seat. It serves as the linkage between the lower and upper parts. This feature confers the most notable ergonomic feature of the chair. 

Other notable components include a base, a padded backrest, and a seat. The seat has a plate fitting that connects to the adjustable lever. The padded back is essential for comfort because it supports your back to the waist. 

The base is the part that rests against the ground. It confers stability and balance to the chair. Most times, it caster wheel rolls, usually ranging from three to five. 

These components function collectively around the pneumatic cylinder. It is more like a spring filled with air, and this air chamber connects to a piston. 

Once you push the chair, you will activate the piston, which moves into the chamber. This action results in air compression into the chamber. Consequently, it results in a lifting movement that permits the seat’s rising motion. 

The chair uses a reverse mechanism to lower its height. Once you pull the seat, the piston moves out. This action causes the piston’s ejection from the chamber. As a result, the chamber expands to allow more air; hence, allowing the seat to lower. 


It is not rocket science to understand how to buy this chair type. It requires the consideration of some essential factors. These factors will give a clear picture of what to look out for. Hence, it will reduce the possibility of making the wrong decision. 

Below are valuable points to note while buying an adjustable hydraulic chair. 

  1. Lumbar Support 

Lumbar support is a crucial factor to consider when making a choice. It is essential when you need a hydraulic chair for office use. It is also vital if you'd be working for long hours. 

Sitting for too long without lumbar support might cause strain in your lower back. It creates difficulty in getting an ideal sitting position. You shouldn't forget the frequent need to rest your back. 

Well, it is not just about having only lumbar support. The system must be adjustable and flexible. You should find a comfortable position at every turn. 

  1. Price/Cost 

Before moving to other factors, cost should be on top of your list.  There is no need to have an outrageous budget to buy a quality product. A good chair price shouldn't make you broke after purchase. 

There is always a modest option for every budget. It is best to realize that a high purchase cost does not always mean excellent quality. The best product is not always the most expensive and vice versa. 

The vital thing is getting the best product for your budget. You shouldn’t pick a high-priced product. Go for the chair that will offer you the highest value for money. 

  1. Adjustable Seat Height

Purchasing an adjustable hydraulic chair that is not adjustable is a perfect display of irony. It should be one of the first things to check out before buying. 

It is essential because you might have to work on varying desk height. In some cases, someone else that is not your height might need to use your chair. So, how do you explain that you can not change the height of your chair? 

So, your chair must be flexible enough to allow you to work at different desk heights. In a sewing shop, the height must help you balance well on the sewing machine. On average, most products can work at varying heights between 14 to 21 inches. 

But the chair's height is not the only feature that should be adjustable. It is best if you can fully customize it to match your desired comfort. Besides, the control should come with ease. 

Height adjustments and swivel movement should occur easily without the need to stand up. Likewise, adjusting the backrest shouldn't warrant you to stand up multiple times. 

  1. Material Quality 

Why would anyone overlook material quality while buying any product? Although this gives a clear indication of durability, it helps you evaluate its value. The chair’s general quality is dependent on its component materials. 

It doesn't matter if you are buying a leather or fabric chair. Quality is of paramount importance. 

Leathers might be easier to clean for messy eaters or those prone to dirt in their workplace. Fabrics are better for fashion and design enthusiasts. 

  1. Seat's Depth and Width 

The depth and width of the seat is another crucial factor to consider. It determines your comfort and makes it easier to find multiple relaxing positions. This dimension must suit your physique and create room for adjustments. 

The depth can determine how well you will enjoy a backrest. The best dimension is one that will keep the back of your knees 2 to 4 inches away from the seat. This estimate is not a standard; hence, it is best to find one that works for you. 

  1. Portability 

The portability of a hydraulic chair is not only about its dimension. It also includes the ease of moving it around within your workspace. 

Having to get up from your chair before you can move it around will leave you frustrated sooner or later. It becomes even worse if it has a massive weight. The chair’s movement and portability become better with wheels. 

The known wheel types are of the hard and soft variety. Both types are suitable, depending on the floor type. It is essential to ensure proper functionality by matching the right wheel with the floor.

  1. Swivel 

A good chair must afford you the luxury of moving freely. This feature is crucial for a chair for office and sewing shops. 

For instance, let's say you have to turn your chair towards either side of the table. Or you have to pick something on a nearby desk. You would prefer your chair to help you do it with ease, right? 

Don't overlook swivel if you need to be mobile within your workspace. The best hydraulic chairs rotate 360 degrees without any hassle. This flexibility offers you easy access to most areas within your workshop. 

  1. Armrest 

This feature is optional, depending on your needs. But if you are frequent with working on a seat for long hours, you will know armrests are crucial. This feature is an essential consideration for office chair users.

A suitable armrest will ensure proper relaxation of your arms and shoulders. It will provide additional resting positions and enhance your comfort. Also, it will lift the rest burden off your back. 

Keep in mind the position of your elbow and forearms while choosing a suitable armrest. Don't worry about the cost. An average adjustable chair price will get you a product with an armrest. 

In the best scenario, you can get one with a detachable armrest. This option offers greater flexibility. You can decide to use the armrest or not, depending on your mood and the nature of tasks ahead. 

  1. Durability 

Durability is how long you can use your product without the need for a change or repair. A product of high durability will reduce stress and save cost along the line. 

Deducing the durability of a chair might seem a hassle at first glance. But you can have an insight with the consideration of certain factors. 

The need, frequency, and cost of maintenance can offer an insight into the chair's durability. You can also evaluate the quality of materials used for its buildup.

Ensure that you review the specifications around the weight capacity. This review will mitigate the possibility of overloading, stressing, or straining your chair. 

Some manufacturers give product warranty offers. This offering is a good pointer of durability but not the ultimate decider.  

At least you can be assured about your product all through the warranty period. Some adjustable hydraulic chairs have warranty offers that cover up to five years. 

  1.  Seek Expert Advice 

Seeking expert advice is a point many people often overlook. And this can cause the selection of a low-quality product. 

Seeking expert advice does not mean you have to carry out intensive research on whom to contact. Neither does it mean you don't have your decision to make. 

For instance, going through this guide is a way of seeking expert advice. Consulting an interior decorator and an experienced chair shopper is the right step. 

You might need this tip more if it is your first time buying a chair! 

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Eyes on the Design 

Everyone loves consistency in the design of their workplace. We often have a dream picture of the setting we intend to give our workspace. The pursuit of quality and the best product shouldn't make you lose this dream. 

So, you can include the design on your list of factors to consider. Opting for a fabric chair might work better than a leather chair in this case. Check the consistency of color and size with the preliminary design and arrangement of your workspace. 


There are different types of chairs. But there are reasons why the adjustable hydraulic chair is preferable to others.

 Below are notable benefits of this chair type over others are;

  •       Hydraulic systems are easy to control and adjust. They offer greater flexibility than any other type of chair.
  •       They offer low maintenance cost and comfortability.
  •       These chairs offer accuracy in height and other forms of adjustment.
  •       Easy movement and portability.
  •       They are suitable for most workplaces, including offices and sewing shops.
  •       They enhance comfort and provide high aesthetics and ergonomics.
  •       They add class and elegance to your workspace. 



You can ensure the longevity of your hydraulic chairs with proper care and maintenance. Even if you get to buy the best quality product, you have to maintain it properly to ensure its durability.  

The good news is that this maintenance process is easy and cost-effective. Below are some care and maintenance tips for your chair. 

  •       Ensure proper lubrication of your chair's moving parts, particularly the piston.
  •       Avoid careless dragging on a rough surface.
  •       Keep blades and other sharp objects away from the chair’s surfaces.
  •       Regularly clean the chair with a soft dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation.
  •       Understand the specifications around the chair’s weight support to avoid overloading.
  •       Keep the chair away from water, moisture, and other deterioration agents. 


At this point, how to buy an adjustable hydraulic chair should no longer be a problem. Now you know the factors to consider and when to seek expert advice. An accurate product selection will help you conserve cost and avoid stress. All you need to do is follow the guide in this article. 

Are you ready to get your product right away without any hassle? Check out one of the best adjustable chairs for the best budget.