Best Sewing Tables

The abundance of choice in sewing tables can make it a daunting task to know what sewing machine cabinet will serve you the best. You want a sewing table that is as versatile as you are with your sewing.  In considering what is the best sewing table for you we will look at not only size but movability, storage, construction, lift, stability and room space.

Size is the obvious feature to consider.  Some others are how you sew, like cutting out, pinning, quilting and embroidery sewing. Storage for notions and projects is a real plus for your sewing table. Then a sewing machine lift is also an important option.  A lift makes changing your sewing machine position much easier and very important if you have physical challenges.

Please, dear people, do yourself a favor and buy a sewing table with a sewing machine well.  By setting your sewing machine on a tabletop, you can never get a flat surface to sew on and it is not ergonomic, so it causes a lot of muscle tension because you must reach up to sew.  If you love to sew, making it comfortable is important too!

Ergonomic posture

Several Cabinet makers can enlarge the sewing machine hole for your larger sewing machines.  Schrocks, Tracey's Tables, Yoder's Woodworking, Classic Woods are some of them.

For the taller person, a custom height can make a huge difference in your sewing table.  Tracey's Tables offer custom heights.

Often the sewing cabinets that are already put together for you are better quality.  There is a risk when you assemble the cabinets yourself of over screwing, or stressing the cabinet as your assembling.  Assembling can take a considerable amount of time and be difficult if you have any physical challenges.

We have put together some sewing tables we particularly like in several different categories of sewing tables ~ and call them some of our Best Sewing Tables for the sizes listed.

 This list goes from small and portable sewing tables to the largest and a sewing table for 2 sewing machines.

Small and Portable - Great for the small budget

   Even if small is your goal, you still want your sewing table to be multi-functional as possible.  It needs to be lightweight and easily moved.  Here are two of our favorites:

Sew Adjustable 18" x 24" table that sits on any tabletop making it very mobile.  What's to be loved:  It is adjustable in fit around your sewing machine and height!  It can be adjusted to different sewing machines.  Con's:   It is tabletop, causing more reaching and stretching for the average height person.


Arrow Gidget Sewing Folding Portable Table is a stand-alone table made for easy storage, set up and wheels to pull with you to classes.
What's to be loved:  Independent table, sturdy for a small table and easily moved. Quite versatile - sewing well is adjustable in height.
Cons:  Difficult to do large projects on. Best to add an insert around your sewing machine for a flat tabletop. 

Arrow Gidget Portable Sewing Table

Small Sewing Table

Sylvia Designs Quiltmate II 1200 is small but room to have a project besides the sewing machine.  What's to Love:  Small but not limiting.  Cons:  No room for notions to the right of the sewing machine, not much storage space.

She Sewing Tables Sylvia Designs

 Medium Sewing Table

Sylvia Designs Sewing Machine Desk 920 keeps a small footprint, but offers you room to sew - and it has 4 drawers for storage! What's to Love:  Simply small and serviceable. Cons:  More challenging to sew large projects like quilts.

Sylvia Designs 920

 Large Sewing Table

Tracey's Tables Quilters Cabinet is space for the large quilting projects yet the sewing table doesn't need the space of a continent.  What's to Love:  Customizable options and large drop leaves.  Cons:  LOL. Practically perfect for one sewing machine.

She Sewing Tables Tracey's

Sewing Table for Two Sewing Machines

Sylvia Designs Sewing Cabinet 1810QR is great for sewing and embroidery work at the same time - everything so handy.  What's to Love: "L" shape for the 2 sewing machines.  Cons:  at 19 7/8″ deep, this cabinet is a bit narrower when the leaf is down from front to back than some cabinets.

She Sewing Tables Sylvia Designs

Best of the Best - Real Wood

Here at She Sewing Tables, we think real wood sewing Tables are the Cadillacs of the sewing cabinet.  A few examples:

Yoders Woodworking Small Plus Sewing Table 802 is Amish constructed.  Small and perfect.

She Sewing Tables Yoders 802

Classic Woods Basic Sewing Cabinet Plus Serger is a medium wood sewing cabinet made by the Amish.  Handcrafted furniture at it's finest.

She Sewing Tables Classic Woods

Schrocks of Walnut Creek Sewing, Serge, Embroidery Trio is a beautiful piece of Amish made sewing furniture.  Enjoy storage, and plenty of room to work all your sewing projects on.

She Sewing Tables Schrocks

 The Best Sewing Table for You

Knowing your needs, sewing machines and how you sew will bring you to the sewing tables that are the Best Sewing Table for you. 

I have not mentioned the different price points of sewing tables.  Quite frankly, you do get what you pay for.  What you are willing to invest in will make a huge difference in how much you love your sewing table ~ and maybe how much you love to sew.

I hope these thoughts have helped you see some of the differences in sewing machine cabinets and bring you closer to knowing what serves you best.

~ Sheila