About us

  Inspiration to sew strikes again.  In my mind, I can see the colors, design and finished project.  Delighted with the thought of how it will turn out, I take the first free moment to get started on it.  Walking into my sewing area I stop in my tracks. 

  There before me is my small sewing table with piles of stuff on top.  Mending, unfinished projects, new fabric and miscellaneous stuff.  My inspiration fades fast. 

  This sewing area is so small there is no place to organize it, so everything just piles up.  If I am going to find my fabric and actually get started, I must first clear off my sewing table.  By the time I get to the bottom of it, and mended a few pieces, I would hardly have time to begin on that sewing project I was so excited about moments ago.

   So I walk away with a sigh.

   This was my sewing situation for a couple years.  It made it so difficult to maintain the sewing needs of my family, let alone sew for the pleasure of creativity.

  I understood the frustration so many people have with sewing in a place that is just a make shift spot or simply too small.  I seen the need for providing an online store for you to purchase a large variety of sewing tables. 

  Not all our needs are the same.  Some of us sew only rarely, and a small but beautiful sewing cabinet is perfect.  Others love to sew, and sew a lot with many projects and really use every inch of space that a large sewing cabinet provides.

  Here at She Sewing Tables, we want to furnish your sewing spot with a flourish ~ however large or small that may be! 

  From table top sewing to hand crafted Amish Furniture we will do our best to serve you.

   It is so wonderful to sit down to an organized special place to sew to your hearts content.

  Beginning in 2018, our family owns and operates She Sewing Tables in the North Western part of Montana.  Many of our custom cabinets are constructed after you order them from small, family owned Amish woodworking shops.

  Each brand of sewing cabinet is made in their own workshops - many of them after you have ordered it in a custom design.  We do not have a show room in Montana.

  Please contact us with any questions you may have.   

Email:  info@shesewingtables.com

Phone:  406.291.5197 Mountain Time



She Sewing Tables LLC