What is an Acrylic Insert?

When you set your sewing machine down into the hole on the cabinet you will have space around your sewing machine between the machine and the cabinet.  The acrylic insert is cut specifically to fit your brand and model of sewing machine and it is cut to the size of the hole.  When you put your acrylic insert on it fills in the gap between the sewing machine and cabinet table.

What is a knee lift?

Some sewing machines come with a special bar that can be attached to your machine when you press your knee against the bar it raises and lowers the presser foot.  If you order an acrylic Insert, you will need to select the option of using a knee lift, the insert will be cut differently to allow for the knee lift.

When will my sewing cabinet ship?

Each brand of sewing cabinet has a different shipping time.  Look on the product page, towards the bottom of the description.  We do our best to keep those times updated so you know when to expect your shipment.  If a cabinet is on backorder, we will let you know.

What is blanket shipping?

Some of our custom cabinets will ship with a private company that wraps the sewing cabinets in a blanket.  These companies do not provide a tracking number.  They do call a few days ahead to schedule a time that you are home.  You need to be available to receive your cabinet. 

I only received part of my order, why?

Often it is because the order is processed through 2 different brands, or if your order is custom made it takes longer to create. When you receive a sewing cabinet from Arrow, Kangaroo, Americana, or Horn the Acrylic Insert come approximately 2 weeks later.