Secrets of Heirloom and Amish Sewing Furniture

  When you are looking for your new sewing table, you not only want it to be user-friendly but beautiful and durable as well.  These three features are all wrapped up into one timeless type of furniture.  Heirloom furniture, often handcrafted by the Amish meets the high standard you want for your sewing table.

   Taking their work seriously these wood artists start their talents by having a love for the wood itself.  The making of beautiful solid wood sewing tables starts in how the raw wood is chosen.  No matter what type of wood they will construct furniture with, be it cherry, red or white oak, hickory or maple the wood grain has a style of its own.  A talented woodworker puts that personal touch into his work by envisioning the end results.  Choosing individual boards that the grain of the wood matches or coordinates with the board next to it can be the first step in attention to detail.

  Narrower pieces of solid wood need to be glued and clamped together to prevent it from warping.  Traditional woodworkers recognize that wood is constantly moving.  Humidity, temperatures, and age of the wood affect the movement of wood.  After the wood has been glued there are many more details that are added to make it a custom Amish quality sewing cabinet.  glued solid wood boards.  Amish furniture.

  Sanding starts after the glue has dried before the pieces are even cut to size. 

  Assembly is another way that an heirloom piece of furniture stands out above the rest.   Pegged mortises and tenon, dovetail, Dovetail construction on a drawer. Solid wood furniture construction.wedged-through tenons, and half laps are all ways to recognize a solid wood piece of furniture from the rest.  Metal fasteners are used as little as possible, and usually only when the strength of metal outweighs that of wood.  Again, durability is important.

  Your moving pieces, like the doors and drawers, are constructed with joinery and glue, rather than screws or nails.

  Sanding until it has that velvety smooth feel takes time and attention to detail.  Heirloom and Amish made furniture does not shirk the tedious handwork that needs to go into the finished details.

  Wood can be stained and colored almost limitlessly.  This is another way that custom outshines the factory produced furniture.

  With a timeless piece of furniture, even if it should be damaged through the years of use, it is usually still reparable.   Solid wood sewing machine furniture can be sanded down and completely given a makeover while keeping the beauty of the wood and the tradition of Amish craftsmanship. 

  With all of this attention to detail and the high level of knowledge that is poured into an heirloom piece of furniture, you would think it would be way overpriced compared to the manufactured furniture. It really is not.  Antique furniture made of solid wood has lasted for several generations.  It has proven itself over time.  For a small difference in the price, your investment will be well worth it.

  Custom furniture made with the care of the Amish craft is often made in a cottage industry.  They are made in small woodworking shops that are strongly attached to the owner’s integrity.  This is obvious in the excellent quality of the finished product, such as this cabinet.

  The wait that custom order requires is well worth the exchange for the heirloom you will have to enjoy.  Sewing table with serger lift. Deluxe Amish furniture