A cutting table is a piece of sewing furniture that is so much more than its name.  Yes, we love to cut out our fabric projects from large quilts to small doll clothes and crafts.  It can be a place to scrapbook, embroider, spread out fabric samples to study your color choices or color with a grandchild.  But that is not all! Oh no, that is not all.

Ergonomics of a taller table for your work surface is definitely a benefit.  A large workspace that is versatile in its size.  More storage alternatives!  We do love to get organized.  Then there are the options of more storage like the Hide-a-way that fits under the table and rolls around.  Perched on casters the cutting tables can be moved around in your space.  So much to love about a cutting table!

A fabric cutting table comes at a height that is easier on our back and is wonderful for all-day work.  Heights usually start around 35 to 36 inches and you do not need to stoop over your work as we do on our sewing tables or dining room tables.   The beauty in ergonomics is how much easier it is to focus on our sewing and crafting for longer periods of time.  

Perhaps you enjoy doing some scrapbook work while standing, or embroidery sewing while you cut out the next sewing project.  Again, a cutting table is such a versatile option for your sewing room.

Like the Arrow Dixie Cutting Table,

you can add some storage shelves to your sewing studio.  Gotta love the storage for all those supplies just waiting to be turned into our creative projects.  Adding a cutting mat gives you a perfect surface for your cutting tools.

One of the lovely features of a cutting table is the large workspace and small storage space that they offer.  If you can not leave your workspace fully expanded, you can opt to open some of the cutting tables halfway, and of course store it tucked completely closed for a fraction of the space when it is open.  Then there is the ultimate storage and cutting option in the Craft Cabinet by Yoder's Woodworking

The beauty of real wood and the best of workmanship come together to offer you storage solutions along with a large cutting table and place to do your crafts.

A sewing room tool worth having, the cutting table can be a stand-up option you won't want to be without!

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